Beaches with blue flags 2019

municipality of halkida

Alykes Drosias
Asteria Halkidas


Other beaches


Agia paraskevi

Located in southeastern Evia, just outside the town of Karystos. It took its name from the homonym church located there. Has clean waters, sand, pebbles and overlooking the bay and the lighthouse in the area.



Located in Edipsos. Has a sandy beach with clear water and rich seabed with many fish tavernas. In the area there are rooms, hotels, clubs , beach bars and cafes. The natural beauty of the place is particularly attractive.


Agios Dimitrios

Located in South Evia in the Aegean side, in the homonymous hamlet of Agios Dimitrios. Here was the film shot "Deep End". Features blue deep clear waters with large white pebbles and coarse sand. The beach is 8 km from the village and will reach from the dirt road 2 km which is in very good condition. It is a small beach without beach bar, café, lounge chairs or taverns.


agios merkourios

Located in central Evia, outside the Kimi, like continuity Murter beach, under the Oktwnias of Avlonari. Is very long beach with pebbles and sand and known for the rock Kefala. Isn't organized without beach bars, sun loungers Is ideal for those who want to relax after being quiet. Attention to the winds because washed by the Aegean sea, famous for the strong of winds.


agios nikolaos artemisiou

Located in northern Euboea, in the Aegean side, to Greek. Overlooks an islet with the chapel of St. Nicholas, from whom it took its name of the beach has pebbles, sand and shallow waters. The scenery is lush with pines. The region has taverns, ouzeri, rooms, cafes and mini - market .



Located in South Evia, in the municipality of Styra and washed by the Euboean. Is very organized site with beach bars, taverns, hotels, rooms, bars and facilities for water-sports. The beach is around the trees for shade and umbrellas. Features sand, small pebbles and shallow waters.



Located on the west side of central Evia, in the homonymous municipality, Has many trees, clean waters, sand and small pebbles. In the area there are fish taverns, ouzeri, grill rooms, cafes, taverns and bars.


armyriki (Armyrihi)

Located in southern Evia from the Aegean side, north of new Styra and south of the village of Zarakes. The periochieinai a closed Bay with sand, pebbles and deep blue waters that don't ever catch wind and tavern. The beach picks up so much people.



Located in northern Evia, near Agia Anna. It is a 2 km long beach. with crystal clear turquoise waters, sand and pebbles. Washed by the waters of the Aegean sea and the winds of the sea. In the area there are fish taverns.



Located on the northeast side of the island of Evia, just outside of Prokopi, on the road to Pili. It has sand and Pebble Beach on the seabed, crystal clear turquoise waters and lush views from the hillside above the beach. Under existing bars and taverns.



Located in the northern part of central Evia, outside the Nea Artaki close to Glyfada. The waters are crystal clear and aquamarine. It offers exotic landscape with rocks around the beach and pebble with coarse sand. In the region there are no cafes or restaurants.



Located one hour from Chalkida, South of kymi and is the second most popular beach after Chiliadou. Are 2 beaches, the "good" and "bad", separated by a cliff. Both have white Pebble, white sand and crystal clear deep waters. Under there are cafes, rooms and beach bars.



It is located in eastern south Evia, outside the village of Petries descending toward Karystos and is the 3rd in the series of the best beaches of the island, Has shallow waters and is located in an inlet that is protected from the winds of the Aegean. It has sand, pebbles and crystal clear waters.



Is located outside Avlonari, on the southeastern side of the island. Has white pebbles are shaped and turquoise clear waters. It is long (1 km.). On the beach there is a canteen.


Lihada, kavos, agios georgios

Located in the village of Agios Georgios, in the northern part of Evia. It is a large beach with small pebbles, sand and clear water that is shallower or deeper depending on the beach. The coast is too long and this helps in not filled world. Across the street there are tavernas and cafes.



Located opposite the Kammena Vourla and Lichada, at the northernmost point of Evia. The Islands these earthquake thousands of years, resulting in back, are the Seychelles of Eyboiwtwn. On the Islands can be reached by private boat or by the Kammena Vourla or Lichada with small boat Monolia beach there. beach bars and seals Monachus-monachus.



Located just outside of Kimi. It is the biggest beach of the island with 4.5 km long. Washed by the Aegean Sea and has many winds causing large waves. It has sand and fine gravel while the bottom consists of pebbles. The area has a few tavernas.



It is located on the side of the Aegean sea, in the centre of Evia, behind the mountain Dirfis. Is a wild Beach, beautiful and picturesque rocks and trees for shade, sand, pebbles, deep and clear waters. In the area there is a tavern.



Located in central Euboea, just outside the village of Petries. The beach is sandy and pebbly beach while the sea is crystal clear. The beach is long and has a canteen, has no sun loungers but has natural shade from various pine trees located around.



Located in central Euboea, in the Aegean side and combines mountain, sea, sand and rocks. It is perhaps the most famous beach of the island. Like most beaches, the waters deepen steeply, just 1 m after dip in its waters. The area has winds that raise wave. In the region there are canteens, tavernas and rooms.



Located north of Edipsos, in the northwestern part of Evia. Are beaches with deep crystal clear waters, rich seabed, coastline with sand or small pebble and combining sea and mountain. On your way there are rooms and cafeterias.



Located in south Evia, just north of Marmari, in the homonymous village Giannitsi. The beach is secluded and deserted. Has clear water, small pebbles and ripples at times. Does not have a canteen or loungers but five minutes from the beach, in the homonymous village, there are tavernas.



Located north of Halkida, on the northwest side of the island is washed by the Euboean. Is very clean sea with black and white pebbles and icy waters that lead to the beach by various sources. The area has a beach bar and sea with rich seabed and pebbles.



Located in the northeast of Evia and is washed by the Aegean Sea. It's a large area and popular during the summer months but has enough serenity. On the beach there are not many canteens and cafeterias.



Located in southeastern Evia. The beach is very scenic, with enough wave and pure deep waters, sand with small pebbles and umbrellas. In the region there are rooms and taverns.



Located in central western Euboea, just north of Kimi in the Aegean side. Has crystal clear waters and rich seabed, pebbles and little sand beach has not. Organization without a canteen, or tavern beach barhere you go only by car 4 x 4 as it has a lot of dirt road, about 10 miles away.



Located in south Evia, outside the village of Kallianos and washed by the Aegean Sea Is secluded and small., ideal for calm. Lacks beach bar and is exposed to the winds. The water deepens quite abruptly and the beach has sand and scattered pebbles.



Located at the northernmost point of Evia. It's beautiful beach, with views over the magnesia Prefecture is located exactly opposite. Has clear water with pebbles on the bottom, sand and straw umbrellas on the beach. The area has been rented, rooms, taverns and cafes.



Located in the central East, the municipality Distion. The beach is divided into two different coves with crystal clear waters with sand and shingle beach at the bottom. No beach umbrellas or beach bars .



Located in north Evia and washed by the Aegean Sea and belongs to the municipality Nileas. On the coast there are many taverns. The waters are clean with sand, pebbles and large rocks. In the region there are rooms.



Located on the northeast side of the island is washed by the Aegean Sea. It features crystal clear deep waters and unique seabed. Around the beach there is a green hill and down the rocks will see and a small chapel. The beach is not regulated and is ideal for relaxation.


Kochyli or spiada

Located south of Edipsos, on the West side of the island. The beach has quietly left the side that is not regulated and the right side beach bars and summer too crowded from early morning until late at night.


Krya Vrisi

Located in the northeast south from Agia Anna beach and essentially is an extension of. Washed by the Aegean Sea. In the region there are tavernas, cafeterias and rooms to rent. The coast and the sea have pebbles and sand.



Located on the northeast side of Evia, in the municipality of Kireas. The coast is very large with sand and pebbles. The area has cafes and tavernas.


Stomio oxylithou

Located south of Kymi, descending from the central to southern Evia. Is a beach with huge coastline in which there are beach bar, cafes, taverns and rented rooms. The beach is prone to winds of the Aegean Sea and has much wave. The seabed but also the coast have large and small pebbles.



It is located north of Kimi, on the eastern side of central Evia. The surroundings are lush with mountains. The beach has a very small pebble in and out from the bottom and calm waters. Under canteens. It is ideal for yachts and sailboats as they are sheltered and with rocks to "tie".



It is located on the west side of the island, in south Evia, outside the Marmari. Are 2 beaches. One is most known and with easy access, overcrowded in summer and has beach bar; in the second you can only go by car and is much more quiet and ideal for relaxation and two beaches have trees for shade, sand, clear waters and rich seabed.



It is located near the northernmost point of the Eastern Euboea, in the municipality of Artemision. Has 4 km coastline with sand, pebbles, clear waters and rich seabed. Is for those involved in scuba diving and fishing. There are hotels, rooms and apartments to let, taverns, cafes, ouzeries, bars and clubs .



Located just outside the Chalkida towards southern Evia. Has sand, pebbles and tranquil waters. Under there are rooms, cafeterias and taverns. The beach has been awarded the blue flag.



Located outside the main city of the municipality of Elymnia, in the homonymous Lake. Has gorgeous water, pebbles on the beach and in the seabed. The beach of the Limni is not organized but it is next to the Limni, which boasts tavernas. 


limnionas mesohoriou

It is located southeast of the municipality of Styra. Limnionas is one of the most popular beaches of the island features whitewashed shingles and thick sand. Has umbrellas and is organized with a few tavernas on the beach.



Located in central western Euboea, just outside of Eretria. The coast is fairly large with pebbles and sand while the seabed has pebbles and seaweed. In the area there are many taverns that lie on the coast.


megali ammos

Located on the southwest side of the island, in range of Marmari. It is one of the most popular beaches of Evia because it has very deep waters.



It is located north of Kimi, on the eastern side of central Evia and washed by the Aegean. Near the beach tavernas, rooms and cafeterias but not sunbeds or beach bars .



Located in central Evia near beach Vlachia. Has black pebbles, black rocks and black sand. The waters are deep and with wave. The Beach has sun loungers, umbrellas or beach bar .



It is located 10 km outside Karystos in southern Evia. Is sandy beach with large rocks located both on the coast and in the seabed. The water is very beautiful and clean beach is not. beach bar, umbrellas or chairs.


Nea Styra

Located southwest of New Styra beach and washed by the Euboean. The water is shallow and clear. The beach is sandy with umbrellas and sun beds. The port of the region there is ferry boat that passes you towards, in the prefecture of Attica. The beach is next to cafes and tavernas.


Neos pyrgos

Located in northern Evia, in the municipality of Oreos. Is a large, sandy beach with clear waters and ideal for families with children. The area has umbrellas and canteens.



Located in the northeast of Evia, in the municipality of Kireas and washed by the Aegean sea. Is crystal-clear, deep waters with long wave when blowing north wind. The beach has pebbles and sand. All around there are pine trees and umbrellas for shade. On the beach there are a few canteens while directly above you will find taverns and rooms.



Located on the way from Edipsos to Gialtra. Are popular beach with many beach bar, parasols and sun beds. The water is shallow, with sand and fine pebbles both on the coast and in the seabed.



It is situated in Chalkida. At the beginning of the seabed has rocks but after has sand and seaweed. The beach has clean water and trees for shade, playground and basketball court. It is ideal for families with small children.


galataki monastery

Located in morthwest Euboea, washed by the Evian and long beach is 2 km away. Along the beach there are many pine trees for shade and rocks with a little sand.


agioi apostoloi

Located on the southeastern side of the island, the bay of Petrion. It has pebbles, clean and quiet beach and is ideal for families with children. In the area there are many accommodations and taverns.



Located outside the village of Oktwnia, in the central and eastern part of the island is washed by the Aegean. Has blue, deep and wild waters, large sandy beach but no shadow. Under no beach bars or taverns.


porto lafia (Elafolimano)

Located in the southwest, the municipality of Styra and washed by the Evian. Is very large sandy beach with clean bottom, shallow and deep blue waters and mountains around. The beach has a canteen and tavern.



Located in northern Evia. Is port with restaurants and cafes. On the left side of the small port there is an organized beach. 



Located on the eastern side of central Evia. It is very popular with dark hot sand, colored pebbles and deep blue waters. In the region there are canteens and small hotels.



It is located on the road from Halkida, before arriving in Nea Artaki. Has umbrellas and beach bars. The water is shallow and warm sand on the bottom like on the beach.



It is located on the eastern tip of the island, halfway from the northeast to the southeast. Opposite is the Skyros in which you can go by boat from the port of Kimi. Kimi will find many nearby beaches, tavernas, ouzo and many cafes.



Located above the Kimi, on the eastern side of central Evia and washed by the Aegean Sea has been very quiet, clean and pristine waters, white rocks, sand and pebbles. Summer overcrowded with beach bar on the beach.



It is located on the west side of northern Evia in the municipality Elymnion and washed by the Euboean gulf. It features clear water with pebbles and sand. In the region there are taverns and rooms.



Located in the city centre and has very clear waters and beautiful views. On the one hand there is the town of Halkida, and on the other the lighthouse and a small forest adjacent to the beach. On the beach there are umbrellas, cafe and tavern. The waters are quite shallow and has a little pebble.