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Mikri Mantineia
Anatoliki Kalamata 1 / Anastasi
Anatoliki Kalamata 2 / Terma Navarinou
Verga - Almyros






Dunes Beach - Costa Navarino


Other beaches



Located a few minutes from the city centre along Navarinou Avenue. It's great with palm trees. The site is organized with bakeries, taverns, beaches hotels but there are non-organized sections with trees for shade. Has small pebbles and deepens smoothly, while the fact that it is located in the centre of the Messinian gulf ensures warm and calm waters. The beach has been awarded the blue flag.



It is located 6 km east of Kalamata, just before the turnoff that leads to messinian Mani, Is organized and has many water sports such as water skiing, ringo, golf beach volley, chair lounges and taverns. The evening, works night club.


east messinia


mikri mantineia

It is located 7 km. from Kalamata. The beach has pebbles, and lifeguard at a central point. There is space for parking while is organized in taverns. The beach has been awarded the blue flag.



It is located 12 km outside of Kalamata. Is one of the most cosmopolitan beaches near Kalamata. Has fine sand with small pebbles as the sea above the beach there is a parking while there are several large beach bar. The beach is organized with sunbeds and amass enough people.


west messinia



Is one of the largest and most organized beaches of Messinia Is long with fine sand and organized with umbrellas, deckchairs, beach bar and courts for beach volley.



Is located in the homonymous village. The beach has sand, and above the beach playground, cafeteria and taverns. In an adjacent hotel you can go sailing.



It has fine golden sand and trees at the top of the beach. At the end of the beach there is a large Cafe on the beach.



Located in the centre of the village. Has beautiful sand and beautiful waters. In the area there are many cafeterias and taverns.



Is sandy beach organized with restaurants and cafes. In the area there is the wreck while in summer you can hire canoes.



Is located in the homonymous village of Romanos. The beach of fine sand and various places for shade, frequented by several families who live nearby.



It is the most popular beach in Messinia. It consists of an almost perfectly round bay of fine sand and clear turquoise waters. Next to the beach there is a large rock.
The venue is considered archaeological, so there is quiet although some people visiting the beach. To go to the beach via Petrochori, you'll need to travel some meters of dirt road until you reach the beach.




There are two small sandy beaches that form along the peripatetic decorative concrete that passes in front of the quaint cafes of Pylos. Many swimmers and children prefer the concrete pier for their bathrooms.



Glossa is a small beach with a small narrow spout. However, drapery and gives greater space in the sand for its visitors. The waters are always quiet and protected. The beach is accessible from Voidokoilia.



It is located at the end of Dibarioy Beach (Divari / Ntivari), in the shadow of Amnissos. Is a narrow strip of Sea separating the Isle of Sphacteria from the mainland. Has shallow, crystal clear waters and a small strip of sandy coast. You can get there either by car, following the dirt path that begins at the end of the Dibarioy, either walk across the beach. Alternatively, you can reach by following the path beneath the Paliokastro from side of Voidokilia, which will lead you just in passing. Small boats crossing the water this passage during the summer months and arrive at the beach that formed on the island of Sphacteria.


ntivari or hrisi akti

Located across from Pylos. Is one of the most well-known beaches of pylia with huge length, inside the protection zone Natura. On the back of the beach is the area of the lagoon of Gialova with important species of flora and fauna. The Beach has sand while the water is shallow and ideal for families with young children. To the point that ends the asphalt road is the organized part of the beach with beach bar, lounge chairs, a small wooden pier for boats and a bar. The beach is after the village of Gialova continue on the provincial road and on your left after 500 meters you will find a sign directing you to the beach. In the waters of Dibari there are shipwrecks, some of which you can view with your mask. Near the beach bar there is the carcass of a ship. Interest has and the passage of the fig tree where there is very beautiful seabed.